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Jack Of All Trades...
...master of none, but better than the master of one

Andrei Cociuba
Cluj Napoca, ROMANIA
Grid Square: KN16ts

Active on the local VHF Repeater, YO5G via VoIP

Many thanks to my local Radio Club YO5KDS/YO5KFG and to the many Elmers, one of which has loaned me a FT-897D

Under Construction

While I come up with content to add here, maybe you want to head over to the ham radio communities on reddit, located under /r/amateurradio and /r/hamradio. They are a very vibrant and welcoming community for old and young hams alike.

Or perhaps you would like to spend some time listening to the airwaves, for which I personally use the websdr in holland, because it can tune continuosly, even outside the ham bands.